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Fighting Protein Malnutrition in the Philippines

Let's be better. Let's be united. Eat Eggs Everday. Dahil LODI Ang Itlog.

Image by Ben Kolde

Our Campaign

LODI Ang ltlog is a campaign to fight protein malnutrition in the Philippines.


It is composed of members of the private egg sectors and various agri-organizations that help for the health and food security of the country. This includes support from the National Government, LGUs and the IATF on Zero Hunger. 


The campaign aims to strengthen the egg diet of the entire people. Adding eggs to the family's dining table will help to achieve a healthy Philippines. 


Based on new studies, eggs are packed with various vitamins and minerals that our body needs. 

Image by Jeriel Jan del Prado

Let's Become Better.

We launched the #LODIangItlog Campaign, with the participation of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Zero Hunger, members of the egg industry, various organizations, associations and organizations that help in the health and food system of country.

Agencies from the National Government and LGU's are also our partners in advancing our aspirations for egg innovation and food security.


The #LODIangItlog Campaign aims to strengthen egg consumption throughout the nation to fight Protein Malnutrition in the Philippines and strengthen the health of our people. We believe that we can achieve a healthy Philippines with eggs.

Truly, egg is the solution. Let us unite in the goal of fighting Protein Malnutrition in the Philippines and strengthening the resistance of our people.


Let’s be better! Let’s be united! Eggs Everyday! Dahil LODI Ang Itlog!


Cecille Aldueza-Virtucio
Managing Director of
LODI ang Itlog Campaign

Exclusive Interview

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Egg Innovation

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Join the Campaign

You can help this campaign by serving eggs to your family. 


This includes sharing the contents of LODI Ang Itlog on your social media accounts. 


Let's fight protein malnutrition in the Philippines together! 


Let's be better. Let's be united. Eat Eggs Everyday because LODI Ang Itlog!

Join The Campaign

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Add eggs to the meals of your family. By doing this, you are nourishing and improving their health. Know more about the benefits of eggs and learn simple egg recipes as well.

Don't forget to visit this website. Share and download our campaign contents. Spread the knowledge!

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